2 thoughts on “Nucleus Talk 1

  1. A _nucleus_ is described as a group of people (with optimal size being 20 to 30) who embrace the general principles of wisdom society.

    This raises a number of questions:

    – How do we (and who is we?) ascertain or judge that someone has embraced the general principle of wisdom society?

    – Is embracing those principles a prerequisite to joining a nucleus, or does that embrace happen after joining?

    – How does the practice of Wisdom Training work with those who already have their own practice of spirituality, mental-emotional discipline, religion, or what-not? How does that work in a multi-cultural diverse society?

    – How closely geographical, or place-based, is a nucleus? How does that work in a small area where some people are part of a nucleus, but other neighbours are not? How does that work with integrating civic, social, medical and other services with the care exercised by a nucleus?

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