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In this category will be published videos about both structure and economy of Wisdom Society. Originally there suppose to be two separate ones but it bcame clear that these two issues cannot be separate. As soon as two already recorded videos will become uploaded onto Youtube I will publish them.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Here I give you the article that I wrote and put in various Shambhala Open Discussion facebook groups. These groups have got a lot of traumatised people, but I don’t feel heard. It looks like a trauma support group. Someone told me about you and the similarity in our ideas. Do you know more people with similar ideas. Can we do things together?
    I also have a website,, and I am active on youtube.
    Kind regards,
    Willem van Eeden

    Trauma and a new wave

    Short bio
    My late mother became a Buddhist when I was 7. I have been to 1984 Seminary as a ‘child’ with Trungpa when I was 14 and four years later to Seminary as a participant. A retreat led to an insight and in 1989 another one, standing in a garden. In 1991 I left Shambhala due to conflicts, including my authoritarian stepfather who is a main teacher in Shambhala. This was because of my reservations against the authoritarian nature of Vajradhatu/Shambhala. ‘It is like nazi’s,’ I used to say, the organisation was overstructured.
    Also Shambhala has a trademark package deal structure in which one is monitored by a meditation instructor. I didn’t feel like I should sit periods as long as those Shambhala sitting practice-days.

    Commercial and bureaucratic
    I have surfed around and talked to various people on Shambhala facebook sites, and my relatives. Some comments on facebook have been clarifying. This man said that the problem with Shambhala has been caused by the fact that it has grown too big, and to dependent on money. Also the power is too much centralized in one leader.

    Going back to the beginning of the whole story
    I want to go back to the beginning. Trungpa came to bring terma teachings to the west. They are believed to have been written by Padmasambhava for this period of time. A new sort of dharma, the secular tradition. But Shambhala is a general concept, Osel Mukpo’s ‘Shambhala’ is just his school. Shambhala is a much larger concept, Asian, worldwide. The Kalachakra Tantra is about Shambhala in the larger sense.

    This time the leader lost its credit, and his ‘’Shambhala’’ organisation too
    I am convinced that Osel Mukpo can play no role anymore, as low profile as possible, handing over his knowledge and the terma to his daughters. It makes sense that Mr. Mukpo is succeeded by a queen. I believe that the structure of the family tradition has to be respected, but there is twenty years to think about that. And Mukpo’s Shambhala organisation cannot function for the coming decades.

    Give Shambhala back to the people
    The problem with Shambhala is its size and the hierarchical structure. The distance between teacher and student has become too big. As I said my answer to Mr. Mukpo‘s drama is to give Shambhala back to its citizens, the people. My view on rulership and society has been that of small scaleness. The possibility to return Shambhala to as small a scale as can be. Possibly at home level.

    The result, away goes sexual-assault
    This will result in: No high membership fees and ripping off of money. Naturally, power abuse over and done with, as well as this amount of sexual abuse and cover up.

    Secular Awakening
    Since the word Shambhala is has developed a bad connotation, lacking a good name I call the new wave Secular Awakening.

    No meditation instruction sessions but group-guided mediation sessions
    I strongly believe that the meditation instruction situation with an instructee seeing an instructor in some sort of backroom should be changed into group guided meditation sessions. The technique is simple. Sessions can be given in small groups at home or an affordable hired space. Not in bombastic money consuming centers.

    A vision
    My ideal is the continuation of the vision of enlightened society but not the cult-movement of Mr. Mukpo which is the opposite, with a hope that people of all cultures, religions and backgrounds will join in.

    Other people should join in
    I can work but as everyone limited, but I am an idea-maker. I am waiting for ideas of people. And meditation sessions can be organized on skype/zoom or real, of course the corona-virus taken in account. I just throw this ball up and wait for people’s reactions.


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